Veggie Links (Vegetarianism, Jokes, and Recipes)




Savvy Vegetarian

Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Medline Plus: Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) (PETA)

International Vegetarian Union

Vegetarianism on

Jewish Vegetarianism

Vegetarian Nutrition

Vegetarianism by Peter Singer

Milk in a Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian Quotes

Quote Garden

Vegetarian Quotes

Quotes for a Better World

Rabbit’s Favorite Vegetarian Quotes

Famous Veggie Quotes

Words to Live By

Vegetarian Jokes

A joke page by and for vegetarians

Vegetarian Cartoons

Vegetarian Humor


Recipes Around the World (IVU)

Vegetarian Kitchen Recipes

Vegetarian Resource Group Recipes

Indian Vegetarian Cooking (PETA)

Indian Vegetarian Recipes


Recipes on

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