Great Winter Bale Out of 2008

Join the Great Winter “Bale Out” of 2008

Sponsor hay rolls at $51 each to feed Lord Krishna’s cows at New Raman Reti. Years of drought and high petroleum prices have driven the cost of hay in North Central Florida through the barn roof. Up till last year $25 was the going rate for a large round hay bale. Now with the average price of a hay roll at around $50, Save the Cow’s budget is seeing red, not a good color for those dealing with bulls and cows.

All dressed up for the festival (Photo by Purusartha dasa)

Ganga Jal: All dressed up for the festival (Photo by Purusartha dasa)

ISKCON of Alachua’s cow protection program, Save the Cow, cares for 22 rescued and retired cows and oxen. Save the Cow was started in the late 1980s to ensure that New Raman Reti’s herd would be well cared for and to relieve the temple management from the incumbent financial burden. While we have a steady group of financial supporters who help us squeak by every year, the increase in hay prices requires us to ask for extra assistance. We need about 200 hay rolls a year to keep the herd well fed.

In October we celebrated Govardhana Puja at New Raman Reti (complete with go-puja and ox-cart rides for the kids) where we launched our hay “bale out” campaign. The response from the local community was good and with the additional help of devotees from around the world (including Canada, England, South Africa, and India) the bale out was a grand success! 200 bales of hay have been delivered to the farm and are paid in full. The cows and oxen are eating to their heart’s (and four stomach’s) content.  Thank you to all who contributed for winter hay and to our regular donors for their continued support.

200 hay rolls---Paid in full!

200 hay rolls---Paid in full!

gangahay1Ganga says, “Thanks for the hay!”

Bale Out Donors:

Adi Kavi

Adideva & Siladitya

Ajitkumar Bhavsar

Akincana & Annapurna



Anudip Patel

Audarya Bhavan-NRR School


Balavanata & Ballavi Ogle

Bhakta Maury

Bhakti Bhavan-NRR School

Brahma Tirtha and Bhakti

Chaturatma & Pasupati

Chirag Mahyavanshi

Chokshi Accounting

Devarata & Guruprasad

Dhira Crunkilton

Dhira Lalita

Dimitri Bharath

Draupadi & Nandarani

Eva & Wade Maraj


Gargamuni Allard

Govinda & Saradiya

Govinda Romero

Harilal Sattie

Jashvant Bhavsar/Stevens Motel

Jason Wiley

Jaya Gauri

Jeffrey Wallien

Kalakantha & Jitamitra

Kardama Muni

Kesiha and Revati

Krishna Cooperative

Kurma Rupa (Care for Cows)

Lakshmi Nrisimha & Pattarajni

Liliya Toneva

Lokasaksini & Nadia

Lokman Chowdhury

Madhava & Guruseva

Madhurya Bhavan-NRR School

Maha Maya


Mandelesvara & Adi Gopi

Manoj Purohit

Mike & Jayalila

Naina Patel

Nalini & Ratna

Navin Jani

Parek Desai


Prem & Suman Kathuria

Purusartha & Tulasi

Pyari Mohan

Rachel Basaric

Rajendrakumar Patel

Rakesh Soni

S. Harilal

Sadhu Sanga Men’s Group



Suhkada & Puskar

Sureshbahi Patel

Tamohara and Mantrini

Teja Prakash & Laksmana

Todd Dorsett


Varnadi & Yumuna

Varuna & Kitaniya

Vidula Dave

Vikas Rana

Vipul and Parul Mamtora

Visnudas & Visnusakti

And a special thanks to our Anonymous donors (Krishna knows who you are).

Of course, we can’t forget to acknowledge Save the Cow’s regular supporters whose continued contributions keep the program going:

Advaita Acarya and Sarad Bihari Singh

Ajitkumar Bhavsar

Balavanta and Ballavhi Ogle

Bhata Maury Schlaug

Bhuvanapavani Sheets

Dattatreya Knighten

Ervin and Shirley Hiney

Ganga Sutton

Gostabihari and Mahavishnupriya Cranmer

Harinama Chintamani

Himanshu Patel

Jagdip and Bina Patel

Kapilasva and Daphne Balkheimer

Kirtan Rasa Mausert

Krishna Cooperative

Mahendrani Rocke

Nagaraja and Pranada Comtois

Nalinikanta and Ratnesvari Hopke

Panchartna and Atitaguna Raisz

Paul and Jasmin Ackermann

Prem Sharma

Radha Gopinath and Tapasvini Peattie

Radha Jivan and Family

Raghunandini Consbruck

Rangakara and Lalita Sakhi Powell

Sacred Threads

Samba Zaldivar

Sukhada and Puskar

Tulasi and Purusartha Sadkin

Varuna and Kirtaniya Aggarwal

Wade and Eva Maraj


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