Holy Cows (Meet the Herd)

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 My full name is Abhaya Caranaravinda, but you can call me Abhay. Yeah, I’m a little spoiled, but don’t hold it against me or I won’t invite you to my 10th birthday party this summer.

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Baby Gopal

Baby Gopal

My name is Baby Gopal and I’m the new kid on the block. But don’t let my big horns scare you—I’m really a mellow guy.

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I’m CHANDRIKA and I’m very shy, BUT I like to huff and puff like a big bull.

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My name is RAJANI and what I want to know is, are YOU nice?

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  1. balarama13 said

    This is an awesome website, Ganga!!!!
    These pictures are great and I also like how all your friends in the group
    have diffrent persanalitys. And thanks for such a great tour!!

    • savethecow said

      I’m glad you like the website. Please tell your friends about it. Oh yeah, don’t believe everything my mom says about me—I can’t help it if I’m so adorable 😉
      xoxo Ganga

  2. Vipul said

    Hare Krishna,
    I would like to know more about cows, bulls and oxen. How many of them are of Indian Cattle Breeds- Zebu breeds.

    • savethecow said

      Thank you for your interest in Save the Cow. Most members of our small herd are Western breeds. We do have one Zebu cow, one Brahma-Holstein cow, one Brahma-Holstein ox, and one Brahma-Guernsey ox.

  3. Very good cows and bulls. Krsna is Gopal ,Lord of the cows. Many Murtis resides in the cows. HK………………..Thanks….

    Hayasya dasa(acbsp)

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