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Please Donate to Save the Cow


To set up automatic monthly payments for general donations:

$5.00 per month

$10.00 per month

$25.00 per month

For a monthly donation of $31, $51, or $108 you can adopt a cow:


To give a single donation online:


Send checks or money orders to:

Save the Cow

P.O. Box 93

Alachua, FL 32616

All contributions are tax deductible (in the USA).

ISKCON Save the Cow’s Federal Tax ID#: 59-2710464

Questions? Email us!



  1. Vikas said

    Save which cows? Where? The ones in the temple seem fine. Why not contribute to real wild-life conservation groups?

    • savethecow said

      The cows at the temple are fine because they are sponsored by donors, whose contributions solely fund their care. Save the Cow, not the temple, is responsible for all the needs of the herd: grains, hay, medicine and veterinary care, pasture maintenance, etc. Cow protection is a long-term commitment since cows will live for an average of 20 years if provided proper care. Of course, wild-life conservation is a noble cause worthy of support, but cow protection, especially in the West, is an effort that also deserves support. There is nothing stopping anyone from contributing to one or both of these worthwhile causes.

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