Adopt Rajani



My name is RAJANI and what I want to know is, are YOU nice?

Rajani’s Bio-Data:

  1. Nalini and Ratnesvari Hopke (Pandava Sahadeva)
  2. Brahma-tirtha and Bhakti Cohen (Pandava Sahadeva)

Adopt Rajani at the Pandava Sahadeva Level – $31.00 per month

Adopt Rajani at the Maharaja Nanda Level – $51.00 per month

Adopt Rajani at the Gopal Krishna Level – $108.00 per month


Send checks or money orders to:

Save the Cow
P.O. Box 93
Alachua, FL 32616

All contributions are tax deductible (in the USA).
ISKCON Save the Cow’s Federal Tax ID#: 59-2710464

Questions? Email us!



  1. lily said

    i am not sure if i want to adopt, so for right now i am just looking and Rajani looks perfect.

    • savethecow said

      Yes, Rajani is quite a catch. She was being sold for slaughter when Save the Cow rescued her as a calf in 1996. She looked like a Jersey-Brown Swiss mix and, at the time, the thought was that she would be a good milking cow. However, she turned out to be a bit feisty and not tame enough for handling. She also remained quite short and there were some health concerns about breeding her. Even in her senior years (she’s turning 15 in August—equivalent to 75 in human years), she’s retained her bovine beauty. BTW, Devaki, log-time director of Save the Cow, grew up near you in Ludington, Michigan.

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