About Save the Cow

Caring for Krishna’s Cows

Gopal Krishna

Gopal Krishna

So dear are cows to Lord Krishna that He can be satisfied only when they are cared for properly.

These days, cows are bred only for exploitation and slaughter. Save the Cow serves Lord Krishna by caring for a herd of rescued and retired cows and oxen.

Every cow and ox protected by Save the Cow’s dedicated staff and donors lives a happy, natural life. Feeling secure, each one expresses a unique personality. Some are shy and some playful. Some are explorers and others pranksters. When Krishna tended cows in Vrindavan He knew each of them by name and treated them as individuals. Through cow protection, Save the Cow creates a Vrindavan atmosphere in North Central Florida at New Raman Reti farm.

Maintaining A High Standard

To maintain a high standard of care, Save the Cow provides daily attention, timely professional medical care and year-round maintenance of the pasture land allocated for our herd. We grow as much of our own hay as possible and buy the rest at the best available price. All of our efforts and resources go directly to the service of Krishna’s cows.

Save the Cow has protected cows for over twenty years. Some in our herd have been born and raised under our care. Others were rescued from situations that most likely would have ended at the slaughterhouse. Each year, through the help of many donors, we strive to do more. Recently we fertilized the pastures and received a new donated tractor. This year we have more plans to improve life for the cows according to the support we receive.

How You Can Take Part

People support the Save the Cow by contributing time or funds. Some volunteers help us maintain our fences and pastures. Some donors adopt a cow or ox by sponsoring their needs for as little as $31 per month. Others give for specific projects or offer one-time donations. You’re invited to take part according to your means.

Please explore our website and let us know what you think.


  1. Nitai Koruna said

    This is great! I especially like seeing photos and profiles of all the different cows.

  2. Dev Desai said

    Nice Job……..Keep iT up…God Bless u….:)

  3. Constance said

    Hi I am interested in volunteering . Are you located in Singapore?

    • savethecow said

      Hi Constance,

      Save the Cow is located in Alachua, Florida, USA. You may find some information about cow protection in Singapore here:
      https://www.facebook.com/grs.com.sg/ Thank you for your interest.

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