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Happy Janmastami 2017

All glories to Krishna, the son of Mother Yasoda, the cowherd boy Gopal, Govinda who gives pleasure to the cows! All glories to the conqueror of Cupid, Lord Hari, who takes away all inauspiciousness, who is unlimited, and the awarder of liberation!

(Gitavali, Sri Krishner Vimsottara-Sata-Nam, Song 6, Verse 1 Bhaktivinoda Thakura. Trans. Dasaratha-suta dasa. Nectar Books, 2002.)

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Happy Balarama Purnima!

Shri Balarama at New Raman Reti, ISKCON of Alachua

(Photo: Krishna Katha Dasi)

May Lord Haladhara bless us all with increasing desire and strength to serve Lord Govinda and His beloved cows. Happy Balaram Appearance Day!

(Prayer: ISKCON GBC Ministry of Cow Protection and Agriculture)

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