Rukmini Departs

Bhakti and Rukmini

Bhakti and Rukmini

We have some sad news to report. Rukmini, the Jersey cow, passed away on July 4 after being down for a few days. She was almost 18 years old (equivalent to 90, in human terms). Rukmini, like many older cows, was afflicted by arthritis, for which she was being treated. She had been receiving injections for the past six months that seemed to help alleviate her condition so that she was able to get up and down, as well as walk around her pasture.

She passed away peacefully under the trees in her favorite spot on the morning of an auspicious day on the Vaishnava calendar: Gundicha Marjana (cleaning of the Gundicha temple) and the disappearance day of Gadadhara Pandit and Bhaktivinoda Thakur.

Rukmini was born at New Raman Reti in 1998 to Bhakti, a Jersey cow that was purchased for Save the Cow by Stoka Krishna and Shyama Priya Torgersen. While Rukmini was never bred, she served as the ceremonial heifer for at least one wedding and at the installation ceremony for Sri Sri Krishna Balarama. She had a spunky personality and stood up for herself, despite being one of the smaller cows in the herd.

Her lifetime care was sponsored by the following donors: Nalini Kanta & Ratnesvari Hopke, Jasmin Ackermann, Ervin & Shirley Hiney, Radha Gopinath & Tapasvini Peattie, and Kanupriya Tavri.


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  1. Melody Montminy said

    🌹🌹🌹rest in loving peace sweet beautiful Rukmini☮🌈😥Thank you to her sponsors and those who cared for her,….I am so sorry for your loss😥

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