End of an Era

Radhastami and Krishna Kripa

Radhastami (left) and Krishna Kripa (right)

Radhastami, the ox, passed away peacefully on Wednesday, December 17 (Saphala Ekadasi). While he had been showing his age and had become quite thin, he was up and getting around until the day before his departure. On Tuesday, he was found lying under the trees in his pasture unable to stand up. The vet came and gave him some fluids and vitamins via iv, but Radhastami didn’t respond to the treatment. He was moved into a more comfortable sitting position and bolstered with hay, but he still refused to drink water (a usual sign of imminent departure). A CD player was set up for him so he could hear Srila Prabhupada chanting. Radhastami went on to greener pastures sometime after sunset on the auspicious Ekadasi day, probably to join his “team-mate” Krishna Kripa, who left us in 2011.

Radhastami, the last surviving progeny of Dharma, the bull, and Yamuna, was born at New Raman Reti on Radhastami day, September 22, 1993. He lived his entire life of 21+ years (equivalent to a human centenarian) under the care of Save the Cow. He, along with Krishna Kripa, were trained by Bhakta Mauri and gave many an ox-cart ride, including in local parades.

Alachua Christmas Parade 2009

Alachua Christmas Parade 2009

Over the years, his care was sponsored by the generous support of the following donors:

Balavanta and Ballavi Ogle

Kardama Muni Mink

Radha Jivan and  Gaura Bhakti  Poddar

Brahma-tirtha and Bhakti Cohen


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  1. Melody Montminy said

    Rest in loving peace beautiful Rahastami and your bud Krishna Kripa who passed in 2011, you are together again❤️🌹🌹🌹🌈🌈☮Thank you to those who sponsored them and cared for them, so sorry for your losses…😥❤️

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