Chillin’ in Alachua

Radhastami in his new blanket

Radhastami in his new blanket

While Save the Cow makes its home in the Sunshine State, Alachua is in North Central Florida where temperatures do go below freezing a few nights every year. Generally, this is not a problem for our cows, who actually enjoy the cooler weather more than the summer heat. On cold nights, cows, who can see in the dark, usually stay awake and eat hay, and then take afternoon naps in sunny pastures.

Our oldest ox, Radhastami, however, requires some extra care—he is over 21-years-old (equivalent to 105+ years for a human!) and has become rather thin due to his advanced age. With a hard freeze forecast, the largest horse blanket available locally was purchased. And with some grains to keep him occupied, Radhastami offered no resistance to being outfitted in his new winter wear. So now, when freezing weather is predicted, Radhastami will be chillin’ in Alachua in style.


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