Abhay Arrives


Abhay relaxing at New Raman Reti

Abhay relaxing at New Raman Reti

Save the Cow recently welcomed Abhay, another Brahman ox, to the herd. Abhay came from Prabhupada Village in North Carolina where he was lovingly raised from birth by Haripada dasa and Phalini devi dasi. They had also raised Smita, Abhay’s mother, who was a Rajasthani Tharparkar cow. Smita was bred to a Brahman bull and in the summer of 2004 Abhay was born. Abhay and Smita lived happily together until Smita passed away in the winter of 2011/2012.

Smita and Abhay

Smita and Abhay

Abhay missed his mom, but remained the darling pet of Prabhupada Village. However, with Haripada and Phalini  spending more time in India, they thought it was time to find a place for Abhay to live where he could get more bovine association. It just so happened that  Madana Mohan Mohini, a resident of Prabhupada Village, was visiting New Raman Reti around the time of Baby Gopal’s arrival. She inquired from Save the Cow about the possibility of Abhay moving here and corresponded with Haripada and Phalini in India. Arrangements were made, health certificates were obtained, and Chitralekha brought Abhay from North Carolina to Florida, where he fit right into the herd.

Abhay with one of his new friends, Surabhi

Abhay with one of his new friends, Surabhi

Adopt Abhay (click here) if you would like to “adopt” Abhay and help pay for his care.

You can read (and see) more about Smita and Abhay in Phalini’s blog:





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