Happy Mother’s Day


Lord Krishna is a transcendental cowboy, and His topmost spiritual kingdom of God is known as Goloka, or the planet of cows. The cow is the most important of animals because she is the mother of all the demigods and human beings. Almost everyone in the world daily drinks some cows milk and eats butter, ghee (clarified butter), or cheese made from that milk throughout their lives. Therefore from a moral point of view because we all drink cow’s milk, the cow is our mother. According to Vedic civilization, there are seven mothers whom everyone should venerate.

atma-mata guroh patni
brahmani raja-patnika
dhenur dhatri tatha prithvi
saptiata matarah smritah

(from Chanyaka’s Niti Shastra)

Atma-mata is our own mother from whom we take birth. Guru-patni is the wife of the guru or teacher, who is also our mother just as the bona-fida guru is our well-wishing spiritual father. Brahmani, or the wives of Brahmanas should also be considered as mothers, as should be raja-patnika, or queens, or, in modern society, the wives of presidents or prime-ministers. Dhenur means the mother cow who feeds humans with her milk. Prithvi is mother earth, (bhumi-devi), who often takes the form of a sacred cow when in the heavenly planets or in the eternal pastimes of the Lord. Dhatri means a nurse, who cares for us just like a mother.


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