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Adopt-A-Rama and what’s new

Adopt-A-Rama campaign

Welcome to and headquarters for the Adopt-A-Rama campaign. Our goal is to get all the cows and oxen at New Raman Reti fully adopted at a level that enables Save the Cow to provide them the care they need and deserve.

Sri Sri Krishna Balarama

Sri Sri Krishna Balarama

Now that the divine cowherd boys Sri Sri Krishna and Balarama reside at New Raman Reti, we at Save the Cow ask you to join the transcendental brothers in Their cowherding lila by adopting a cow today!  Click here to Adopt A Cow.

For more information about Save the Cow’s finances (including 2009 year-end report) and why we need more donors click here.

Coming soon!

Health update:  Godavari and Nandini

In Moomarium: We say goodbye to those who have gone on to greener pastures

Pasture/hay update: Planting, fertilizing, and harvest

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New links: Cows in Cyberspace and Veggie Links

Glories of Mother Cow: More quotes and pictures

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