Ganga Jal, Your Host

Ganga Jal, Your Host

Hello, I’m Ganga Jal, your host at Save the Cow’s website.

Most people,  and all the other cows for that matter, just call me Ganga. I’m working with the kind folks at Save the Cow to make this website entertaining as well as educational. Together, we’ve got big plans as you can see from the pages listed on the right (most of which are under construction). Right now, you can go to the Ganga’s Story page and read Part One of my life history. Don’t miss the cute baby picture of yours truly along with my mom, Gauri.

Or visit the In Moomoriam page to read Devaki’s memorial to my old friend Vamsi, who recently passed away.  Check out the Projects and Wish Lists page to see the Great Winter “Bale Out” of 2008 appeal that successfully raised all the funds to pay for this winter’s hay. There, you’ll also find a photo of me  all dressed up, as well as an ox-cart ride video. Thank you, by the way, to all you donors out there who gave so generously to feed me and my friends.

My Favorite Winter Pastime

My Favorite Winter Pastime



  1. Durlabha Das said

    Haribol! I was just wondering how u got my email address!

    • savethecow said

      Durlabha Prabhu,

      Don’t you know that cows have mystic powers that encompass many dimensional spheres including cyberspace?

      Actually, you’re email address was probably in a cc list of an email that we received some time ago.

      Please let me know if you want it removed from our mailing list.

      Kesihanta dasa
      Save the Cow

  2. The dairy and cattle owners are
    responsible for the plights of cows after milking
    them in the morning. They allow the cows and
    virtually push them out of shelters to find food
    available in dumps of debris lying around the city.
    The Indian Cow Oct-Dec, 2005
    Bhupendra Singh, III/ 1, Ramganga Colony, Dhampur, Distt. Bijnor (UP)
    Harmful Effects
    The coming known examples of
    hazardousness produced by plastics define that
    only some of plastics are responsible for that –
    Mainly polyethylene and Polyvinyle chloride
    because both of these two are using for food
    grade applications at very large scale.
    Though, there is no such systematic
    study on polythene and plastic induced
    pathological lesions in animals. However, there
    are scattered reports in literature and that too in
    popular media. An attempt is made to collect
    information from various sources and present in
    a consolidated form.
    1. Five cows were choked to death in Jaipur due
    to blockage of their digestive tract following
    consumption of polythene bags.
    2. Two cows were operated and 48 kg of
    polythene and 287 foreign bodies were recovered
    from rumen/ reticulum of the cows by Veterinary
    Surgeons in Jammu.
    3. On an average about 25 cases were recorded
    each year in polyclinic of CCS HAU, Hisar, which
    were operated to remove the polythene from
    stomach of cows. It is believed that there are
    much largers numbers of stray animals which
    after conserving polythene simply end up in death.
    4. As per the Greek publication plastic bags kill
    10,000 Mediterranean fish each day.
    5. It has been recorded that 95% of urban stray
    cattle in India suffering from various ailments due
    to hazardous material inside their abdomen, out
    of them 90% are plastic bags.
    6. Plastic bags are major cause of unsightly lit-
    ter and also harm wildlife like deer etc. In a
    report, polybezoars containing polythenes and
    plant materials along with salt deposits were
    found in stomach of a barking deer which
    comprises into 3 pieces each measuring 4-5 cm
    in diameter and hard to touch. It was found
    responsible for blocking of rumeno-reticulum
    opening leading to death of barking deer.
    7. Plastic bags that end up at sea are easily
    swallowed by marine life that mistake them for
    food. An estimated 1,00,000 whales, seals, turtles
    and other marine life die every year after
    swallowing plastic bags.
    8. A seriously ill cow was operated in Bhuj by a
    Veterinary Surgeon and about 4000 plastic bags
    were found in stomach with other non-digestible
    9. In Delhi zoo, a Swamp deer and a Sangai deer
    died due to plastic bags.
    10.SPCA Veterinarian operated more than 15
    cows and found about 10 kg plastic waste in
    stomach of each cow.

  3. ankur said

    ए हिंद देश के लोगों, सुन लो मेरी दर्द कहानी।
    क्यों दया धर्म विसराया, क्यों दुनिया हुई वीरानी।
    जब सबको दूध पिलाया, मैं गौ माता कहलाई,
    क्या है अपराध हमारा, जो काटे आज कसाई।
    बस भीख प्राण की दे दो मै द्वार तिहारे आई,
    मैं सबसे निर्बल प्राणी, मत करो आज मनमानी॥
    जब जाउँ कसाईखाने,चाबुक से पीटी जाती,
    उस उबले जल को तन पर, मैं सहन नहीं कर पाती।
    जब यंत्र मौत का आता, मेरी रुह तक कम्प जाती,
    मेरा कोई साथ न देता, यहाँ सब की प्रीत पहचानी॥
    उस समदृष्टि सृष्टि नें, क्यों हमें मूक बनाया,
    न हाथ दिए लड़नें को, हिन्दु भी हुआ पराया।
    कोई मोहन बन जाओ रे, जिसने मोहे कंठ लगाया,
    मैं फर्ज़ निभाउँ माँ का, दूँ जग को ममता निशानी॥
    मैं माँ बन दूध पिलाती, तुम माँ का मांस बिकाते,
    क्यों जननी के चमड़े से तुम पैसा आज कमाते।
    मेरे बछड़े अन्न उपजाते पर तुम सब दया न लाते,
    गौ हत्या बंद करो रे, रहनें दो वंश निशानी॥

    वन्दे मातरम
    जय श्रीराम

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