Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there from Save the Cow / Holy Cow Alachua!

Padma and Nimai

Mother Padma Gandha and her new calf, Nimai, born at the Eco Teaching Farm, New Raman Reti in February. (Photo taken just after Nimai made his grand entrance)

So cow is our mother. Why mother? Because from practical point of view, we drink milk. So how mother… How cow is not mother? She’s mother. We are taking her milk. There are seven mothers according to Vedic civilization (Niti Shastra):
adau-mata guroh patni
brahmani raja-patnika
dhenur dhatri tatha prithvi
saptaita matarah smritah
Real mother, from whose womb we have come to this world, real mother, adau-mata. Then guru patni, wife of the teacher or spiritual master, guru patniBrahmani, the wife of a brahmanaAdau-mata guroh patni brahmani raja-patnika, and the wife of the king, or the queen, she’s also mother. Dhenu, the cow. Cow is also mother. And dhatri means nurse. Nurse is also mother. Tatha prithvi  and the earth, the earth is also our mother.
— Srila Prabhupada, lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam, 1.16.19, Honolulu, January 15, 1974




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Happy Gaura Purnima!


Happy Gaura Purnima from Holy Cow Alachua! And welcome its newest member, Nimai, a bull calf born of Padma, on February 19.


Nimai, the future ox, enters the scene . . .


Nimai has his first drink . . .


Puja visiting Padma and checking Nimai out. Is she thinking, “Hmmm, maybe I should have one, too?”

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Royal Rajani



Rajani in her new winter coat — very chilly weather is forecast for the next few days (in the 20s at night).

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Season’s Greetings from Save the Cow

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Happy Govardhana Puja 2017

Govardhana Puja

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Happy Janmastami 2017

All glories to Krishna, the son of Mother Yasoda, the cowherd boy Gopal, Govinda who gives pleasure to the cows! All glories to the conqueror of Cupid, Lord Hari, who takes away all inauspiciousness, who is unlimited, and the awarder of liberation!

(Gitavali, Sri Krishner Vimsottara-Sata-Nam, Song 6, Verse 1 Bhaktivinoda Thakura. Trans. Dasaratha-suta dasa. Nectar Books, 2002.)

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Happy Balarama Purnima!

Shri Balarama at New Raman Reti, ISKCON of Alachua

(Photo: Krishna Katha Dasi)

May Lord Haladhara bless us all with increasing desire and strength to serve Lord Govinda and His beloved cows. Happy Balaram Appearance Day!

(Prayer: ISKCON GBC Ministry of Cow Protection and Agriculture)

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Nrisimha departs after a long life on the farm

Nrisimha (shown here in his younger days) recently passed away at the age of 21

Nrisimha was born on the farm in 1996 right before Lord Nrisimhadeva’s appearance day. He was the son of our Holstein Yamuna, the result of a secret visit from the neighbor’s bull. We had no idea that Yamuna was pregnant until she started showing signs and our vet confirmed it.

Nrisimha was always a force to be reckoned with in the pasture and showed this even when he was small. When he finished nursing he would clamp his mouth on one of his mother’s teats and back up stretching it until she kicked him. She nursed him a lot longer than we thought she would. If fact we thought she would never wean him but finally one day she had had enough. Needless to say he was very upset so we put him in with our elderly bull Dharma. They instantly bonded and Nrisimha would playfully bounce around Dharma and beat him on the neck with his head. Dharma would stand stoically for Nrisimha’s playful poundings like a doting grandfather.

As long as there were bigger cows in the pasture Nrisimha wasn’t too bad but when he became the biggest and strongest he was a quite the bully to the other cows and people. He stabbed me in the leg one time when I was trying to put a halter on him and he would swing his head at visitors who were trying to feed him. He didn’t have many cow friends but that didn’t seem to bother him as long as he got what he wanted.

When Nrisimha was about two years old he developed this lump under his jaw. The vet was called but the prognosis wasn’t good. It was cancer. He gave Nrisimha a couple of shots and we gave him some homeopathic medicines but Nrisimha started growing thin and we thought we would lose him then. But slowly he started to get stronger and the lump dried up. It went into remission for 18 years until a few months ago when it came back with a vengeance.

He left this world a few days after Lord Nrisimhadeva’s appearance day this year at the age of 21. That would be equivalent to 105 years for a human. He lived a good, long life of doing whatever he wanted. It was the only way he would have it.

Thanks go out to Nrisimha’s sponsors who provided support for his lifetime care: Mahavira and Jaya Gauri Roberts, Madhava and Guruseva Barsaleau, Kirtan Rasa  Mausert and Family, and Premendra Shivhare .

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Holy Cow Alachua

Adopt a Holy Herd

Introducing Holy Cow Alachua, Sri Sri Krishna-Balarama’s goshala, at New Raman Reti’s Eco Teaching Farm (ISKCON of Alachua in North Central Florida).


Holy Cow Alachua’s mission is to practice and promote sustainable cow protection by showing the practical value of providing lifetime care and service for a small herd of milking cows and working oxen and to educate the surrounding community members of all ages through school collaboration and workshops.

Please sponsor the herd by making a monthly donation.

Your support helps pay for a year’s supply of hay, feed grain, and dietary minerals, hoof trimming and veterinary care, pasture fertilizer and grass seed, fence maintenance and repair, tractor fuel and maintenance, office and outreach supplies, and cowherd maintenance.

Sign up for automatic recurring payments at one of three levels of support:

Pandava Sahadeva – ($31.00/month = $372.00 annually)

$31.00 per month

Maharaja Nanda – ($51.00/month = $612.00 annually)

$51.00 per month

Gopal Krishna –  ($108.00/month = $1296.00 annually)

$108.00 per month

Currently, you can help care for Surabhi, Padma, and Puja. 






To make a single donation online:


Send checks or money orders to:

ISKCON Save the Cow

P.O. Box 93

Alachua, FL 32616

All contributions are tax deductible (in the USA).

ISKCON Save the Cow’s Federal Tax ID#: 59-2710464

Questions? Email us!

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Happy Gaura Purnima 2017

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu

“In My last birth I was born in the family of cowherd men, and I gave protection to the calves and cows. Because of such pious activities, I have now become the son of a brahmana.”

The words of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the greatest authority, herein clearly indicate that one becomes pious simply by keeping cows and protecting them. . . .  Heeding this instruction by the Lord, people should serve cows and calves and in return get ample quantities of milk. There is no loss in serving the cows and calves, but modern human society has become so degraded that instead of giving protection to the cows and serving them, people are killing them. How can they expect peace and prosperity in human society while committing such sinful activities? It is impossible.

—Sri Caitanya-caritamrita, Adi-lila 7.111

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Krishna and Balarama return home with Their cows


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Happy New Year 2017


Wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year from Save the Cow.

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Happy Holidays 2016


‘Tis the season to celebrate, whether it’s the Winter Solstice, Festivus, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or New Year’s Eve . . . Happy Holidays from Save the Cow!

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Royal Rajani

Rajani wears her hay crown in style

Rajani wears her hay crown in style

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Happy Govarhana Puja 2016


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Eco Farm Fall Festival

Fram Festival Poster

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1st Annual Alachua Holy Cow Festival

Alachua Holy Cow Festival Poster


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Happy Janmastami 2016


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Saturday August 20 Cow and Farm Discussion & Lunch

Kalakantha Cow Meeting

Please send RSVP to: jeevjago@gmail.com

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First North American Farm Conference

NA farm conf flyer PDF

For more information, please visit: iskconfarmconferences.org

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Rukmini Departs

Bhakti and Rukmini

Bhakti and Rukmini

We have some sad news to report. Rukmini, the Jersey cow, passed away on July 4 after being down for a few days. She was almost 18 years old (equivalent to 90, in human terms). Rukmini, like many older cows, was afflicted by arthritis, for which she was being treated. She had been receiving injections for the past six months that seemed to help alleviate her condition so that she was able to get up and down, as well as walk around her pasture.

She passed away peacefully under the trees in her favorite spot on the morning of an auspicious day on the Vaishnava calendar: Gundicha Marjana (cleaning of the Gundicha temple) and the disappearance day of Gadadhara Pandit and Bhaktivinoda Thakur.

Rukmini was born at New Raman Reti in 1998 to Bhakti, a Jersey cow that was purchased for Save the Cow by Stoka Krishna and Shyama Priya Torgersen. While Rukmini was never bred, she served as the ceremonial heifer for at least one wedding and at the installation ceremony for Sri Sri Krishna Balarama. She had a spunky personality and stood up for herself, despite being one of the smaller cows in the herd.

Her lifetime care was sponsored by the following donors: Nalini Kanta & Ratnesvari Hopke, Jasmin Ackermann, Ervin & Shirley Hiney, Radha Gopinath & Tapasvini Peattie, and Kanupriya Tavri.

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2015 Financial Report


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Appearance Day of Lord Nityananda Prabhu

Gaura Nitai

Sri Sri Gaura Nitai

Nityananda Trayodasi: Appearance Day of Niytananda Prabhu

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

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Happy Govardhana Puja

Govardhan Cows

Happy Govardhana Puja from Save the Cow

The cowherd men then inquired from Krishna how He wanted the yajna performed, and Krsna gave them the following directions. “Prepare very nice foodstuffs of all descriptions from the grains and ghee collected for the yajna. Prepare rice, dhal, then halava, pakora, puri and all kinds of milk preparations, like sweet rice, sweetballs, sandesa, rasagulla and laddu, and invite the learned brahmanas who can chant the Vedic hymns and offer oblations to the fire. The brahmanas should be given all kinds of grains in charity. Then decorate all the cows and feed them well. . . .  After giving nice grasses to the cows, the sacrifice known as Govardhana-puja may immediately begin. This sacrifice will very much satisfy Me.”

Krishna Book, Chapter 25


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Happy Kartika

Krishna and calves

This year, the auspicious month of Kartika runs from October 27 to November 25. In Alachua, Florida, at New Raman Reti, the festival of Govardhan Puja will be celebrated on Sunday, November 8. Click here for more information.

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Happy Janmastami!

Radha Krishna with Cows

Anyone who meditates on Lord Krishna’s birth, His protecting the cows, His singing charming songs with the gopas [cowherd boys], and His other pastimes, will find himself overcome with bliss and love.

Gopala Campu by Jiva Goswami

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Balarama Purnima

Krishna and Balarama with a cow

Given charge of the cows, Krishna and Balarama traversed Vrndavana, purifying the land with Their footprints. Accompanied by the cowherd boys and Balarama, Krishna herded the cows and played on His flute through the forest of Vrndavana, which was full of flowers, vegetables, and pasturing grass.

Krishna Book, chapter 15

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Nandini Goes on to Greener Pastures

Nandini, after a bath

Nandini. after a bath

We have the sad news to report that Nandini, passed away earlier this week. She had been ill for a few days and the veterinarian treated her, but she didn’t recover. Nandini was 17 (equivalent to an 85-year-old in human terms), so she led a good, long life at New Raman Reti. She was a very mild, sweet-natured cow and she will be dearly missed.

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Cows and Krishna

Krishna Gopal

Krishna Gopala

Cows and Krishna have always been together. In His original form in the spiritual world, Krishna is a cowherd boy in the agricultural community of Goloka (“cow planet”) Vrindavan, where He keeps unlimited, transcendental surabhi cows.

When He descends to earth, Krishna brings a replica of Vrindavan with Him, and He spends His childhood tending cows and calves while playing in the pasturing grounds with His friends. His example shows the importance of cows to human society, the practical benefits of caring for them, and the advantages of an agrarian economy based on cooperation between man and cows.

Read more here: http://www.krishna.com/info/cows-and-krishna



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2014 Financial Report


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Happy Holidays

From All Things Oxen Facebook Group

From All Things Oxen Facebook Group

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End of an Era

Radhastami and Krishna Kripa

Radhastami (left) and Krishna Kripa (right)

Radhastami, the ox, passed away peacefully on Wednesday, December 17 (Saphala Ekadasi). While he had been showing his age and had become quite thin, he was up and getting around until the day before his departure. On Tuesday, he was found lying under the trees in his pasture unable to stand up. The vet came and gave him some fluids and vitamins via iv, but Radhastami didn’t respond to the treatment. He was moved into a more comfortable sitting position and bolstered with hay, but he still refused to drink water (a usual sign of imminent departure). A CD player was set up for him so he could hear Srila Prabhupada chanting. Radhastami went on to greener pastures sometime after sunset on the auspicious Ekadasi day, probably to join his “team-mate” Krishna Kripa, who left us in 2011.

Radhastami, the last surviving progeny of Dharma, the bull, and Yamuna, was born at New Raman Reti on Radhastami day, September 22, 1993. He lived his entire life of 21+ years (equivalent to a human centenarian) under the care of Save the Cow. He, along with Krishna Kripa, were trained by Bhakta Mauri and gave many an ox-cart ride, including in local parades.

Alachua Christmas Parade 2009

Alachua Christmas Parade 2009

Over the years, his care was sponsored by the generous support of the following donors:

Balavanta and Ballavi Ogle

Kardama Muni Mink

Radha Jivan and  Gaura Bhakti  Poddar

Brahma-tirtha and Bhakti Cohen

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Chillin’ in Alachua

Radhastami in his new blanket

Radhastami in his new blanket

While Save the Cow makes its home in the Sunshine State, Alachua is in North Central Florida where temperatures do go below freezing a few nights every year. Generally, this is not a problem for our cows, who actually enjoy the cooler weather more than the summer heat. On cold nights, cows, who can see in the dark, usually stay awake and eat hay, and then take afternoon naps in sunny pastures.

Our oldest ox, Radhastami, however, requires some extra care—he is over 21-years-old (equivalent to 105+ years for a human!) and has become rather thin due to his advanced age. With a hard freeze forecast, the largest horse blanket available locally was purchased. And with some grains to keep him occupied, Radhastami offered no resistance to being outfitted in his new winter wear. So now, when freezing weather is predicted, Radhastami will be chillin’ in Alachua in style.

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Govardhana Puja


Happy Govardhana Puja from Save the Cow

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Happy Diwali


Happy Diwali from Save the Cow

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Baby Gopal in the News

Baby Gopal

More about Baby Gopal and the Bluhms here.

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Radhastami 2014


Srimati Radharani honoring a cow.

goloka-vasini gopi

gopisha gopa-matrika

sananda paramananda



“She is a resident of Goloka Vrindavana and is a cowherd damsel. She is the queen of the gopis and the divine mother of the cowherd boys. She is joyful and always experiencing the highest bliss, and She incites lusty desires in the heart of the son of Nanda (Lord Krishna).”

Happy Radhastami from Save the Cow!


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Janmastami 2014


Happy Janmastami from Save the Cow!

All glories to Krishna, the son of Mother Yasoda, the cowherd boy Gopal, Govinda who gives pleasure to the cows! All glories to the conqueror of Cupid, Lord Hari, who takes away all inauspiciousness, who is unlimited, and the awarder of liberation!

(Gitavali, Sri Krishner Vimsottara-Sata-Nam, Song 6, Verse 1 Bhaktivinoda Thakura. Trans. Dasaratha-suta dasa. Nectar Books, 2002.)


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Balarama Jayanti 2014

Krishna and Balarama

Krishna and Balarama

“Farm development is Kṛṣṇa and Balarāma. Kṛṣṇa is tending cows, and Balarāma is plowing. Therefore the plow and flute, flute for tending cows and plow for agriculture-Kṛṣṇa-Balarāma.” Srila Prabhupada, evening conversation, February 15, 1977, Mayapura, India



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Govinda departs on Sayana Ekadasi



Govinda was the son of Nandini. The two Holsteins came from upstate New York, where they were cared for by Jagannatha and Vrinda. Around 2004, when their caretakers planned to move overseas, Govinda and Nandini were brought to Save the Cow at New Raman Reti.


Govinda loved to eat and was always enthusiastic to go to the temple on Sundays or on festival days to perform his service of being fed cow cookies. He visited the Bhaktivedanta Academy on several occasions and gobbled up all the treats the schoolchildren could supply. He was a gentle old guy who wouldn’t hurt anyone.


In May, Govinda started having incidents of not being able to sit up on his own. After being helped into a sitting position, he would stand up within a half hour and then resume his normal activities as if nothing had happened. The vet examined him and had some diagnostic tests done, but initially found no particular problems. Then in early July, he apparently had a heart attack, which left him unable to stand up. When Govinda went down, he was provided hay bedding, water, and whatever food he would eat, along with pain medication prescribed by the vet. Every night the rest of the cows in his field would sit near him and during the day they would stop by and visit him. Even Nrisimha, who can be quite pushy sometimes, stayed near him but wouldn’t try to eat any of Govinda’s special food.


For the first two days, Govinda refused to drink much water and would only eat carrots, lettuce, and the apples used to give him his pain pills. Then, for a couple of days, it seemed like he was improving—he was drinking more water and even eating some grains and hay. With the help of a group of devotees (Govinda weighed at least 1800 lbs!), he was shifted from one of his sides to the other to give him some relief. But, by Monday morning when the vet came Govinda had taken a turn for the worse and was refusing to eat or drink. The vet diagnosed him to have a heart condition for which there is no cure available for cows. He did prescribe some additional medicine to help alleviate some of his symptoms, but it became apparent that Govinda would soon be departing. A shade tent was erected since the weather was turning sunny and a sound system was set up to play Srila Prabupada chanting bhajans. Then on Tuesday morning (Ekadasi), with his caretakers and a number of devotees present, Govinda breathed his last.


Govinda, like all of Krishna and Balarama’s cows and oxen who live and die in the holy dhama of New Raman Reti, was no ordinary animal. He had the good fortune of rendering service, honoring Krishna prasad, and hearing the Holy Name. And like many of his predecessors, he gave up his bovine body on an auspicious day. He will be missed by his herd mates and caretakers, but has surely gone on to greener pastures.


Save the Cow would like to thank his “adopters,” whose regular donations over the years paid for his care while he was with us at New Raman Reti:


Kirtan Rasa Mausert and family

Radha Jivan, Gaura Bhakti and Poddar family

Bhuvana Pavani Diehl and family


Thanks also go to the devotees who came forward to help care for Govinda during his final days, especially Ramananda Raya.




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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day from Save the Cow to all the Dads.

Here are some fatherly thoughts from the Vedic tradition.

Govinda Gopal

Govinda Gopal

Lord Krishna declares in Bhagavad Gita (9.17): pitaham asya jagato mata dhata pitamahah  I am the father of this universe, the mother, the support and the grandsire.

While Krishna is the supreme father and mother, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu explains to us: “You drink cows’ milk; therefore the cow is your mother. And the bull produces grains for your maintenance; therefore he is your father. Since the bull and cow are your father and mother, how can you kill and eat them?” (Cc Adi 17.153-4)

Haladhara Balarama

Haladhara Balarama

And Sri Krishna’s divine brother, Balarama, is also known as Haladhara, He who bears the plow.

All Yoked Up

Radhastami and Krishna Kripa (1993-2012)

Dragging the field

Dragging the field

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day from Save the Cow

Sri Krishna with two of His mothers: Yashoda and Go-mata

Sri Krishna with two of His mothers: Yashoda and Go-mata

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Abhay Arrives


Abhay relaxing at New Raman Reti

Abhay relaxing at New Raman Reti

Save the Cow recently welcomed Abhay, another Brahman ox, to the herd. Abhay came from Prabhupada Village in North Carolina where he was lovingly raised from birth by Haripada dasa and Phalini devi dasi. They had also raised Smita, Abhay’s mother, who was a Rajasthani Tharparkar cow. Smita was bred to a Brahman bull and in the summer of 2004 Abhay was born. Abhay and Smita lived happily together until Smita passed away in the winter of 2011/2012.

Smita and Abhay

Smita and Abhay

Abhay missed his mom, but remained the darling pet of Prabhupada Village. However, with Haripada and Phalini  spending more time in India, they thought it was time to find a place for Abhay to live where he could get more bovine association. It just so happened that  Madana Mohan Mohini, a resident of Prabhupada Village, was visiting New Raman Reti around the time of Baby Gopal’s arrival. She inquired from Save the Cow about the possibility of Abhay moving here and corresponded with Haripada and Phalini in India. Arrangements were made, health certificates were obtained, and Chitralekha brought Abhay from North Carolina to Florida, where he fit right into the herd.

Abhay with one of his new friends, Surabhi

Abhay with one of his new friends, Surabhi

Adopt Abhay (click here) if you would like to “adopt” Abhay and help pay for his care.

You can read (and see) more about Smita and Abhay in Phalini’s blog:




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Save the Cow Financial Report 2013

Save the Cow

Income & Expense

January through December


2013 Financial Report

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Happy New Year 2014!

Baby Gopal

Baby Gopal

Happy 2014 from Save the Cow!

We’re ringing in the new year by welcoming Baby Gopal to Save the Cow. Born in 2003 on Deer Run Farm in nearby Columbia County, he was rejected by his mother for some unknown reason. His owners, Al and Barbara Bluhm, called him “Baby” and lovingly raised him as their pet.

Baby as a "baby"

Baby as a “baby”

Now, a decade later and retired from farming, they needed to find a new home for their 10-year-old, 1800-pound Baby.They contacted Save the Cow, an interview was conducted, and everyone agreed that Baby was a good candidate to join the herd. He arrived just before Christmas and, as you can see, Baby, now “Baby Gopal,” is fitting right in.

Baby Gopal and "Cousin" Chandrika

Baby Gopal and “Cousin” Chandrika

Adopt Baby Gopal (click here)

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Bhaktivedanta Academy

Bhaktivedanta Academy students raise $374 for Save the Cow

Bhaktivedanta Academy students raise $374 for Save the Cow

Bhaktivedanta Academy students raise funds to support the cow protection efforts at New Raman Reti every year. This year they set a goal of raising $308 for fixing pasture fences and providing feed for the cows. Students did odd jobs around their homes, tapped into their personal savings (piggy banks), and in some cases, went out into the community distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books with their parents. As a result of all these efforts, a check for $374 was presented to the Save the Cow program!

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Happy Diwali and Govardhan Puja!

“Being assured by Lord Krishna, all the inhabitants of the village—men, women, children, and animals—entered beneath the great hill and remained there for a whole week. They were simply astonished to see Krishna holding up Govardhana Hill with the little finger of His left hand. …”

“Being assured by Lord Krishna, all the inhabitants of the village—men, women, children, and animals—entered beneath the great hill and remained there for a whole week. They were simply astonished to see Krishna holding up Govardhana Hill with the little finger of His left hand.” —Srimad Bhagavatam

Happy Diwali and Govardha Puja from Save the Cow

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Happy Kartik 2013

Krishna and Balaram, the Butter Brothers

Krishna and Balaram, the divine butter thieves, caught in the act

The auspicious month of Damodar began on the full moon of October 18 and continues until the next full moon on November 17. At New Raman Reti, Govardhan Puja and Go Puja will be celebrated on Sunday November 3.

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